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The yeast multidrug resistance pump, Pdr5p, confers reduced drug resistance in erg mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
The results indicated that the drug sensitivity of the erg strains is, to a significant extent, a result of the reduced efficiency of the Pdr5p efflux pump, and that the membrane environment plays an important role in determining the drug resistance conferred by PDR5p. Expand
Chimeric Vitreoscilla Hemoglobin (VHb) Carrying a Flavoreductase Domain Relieves Nitrosative Stress in Escherichia coli: New Insight into the Functional Role of VHb
It has been proposed that the unique structural features of VHb may allow it to acquire two functional states in vivo, namely, a single-domain homodimer that may participate in facilitated oxygen transfer or a two-domain heterodimer in association with its partner reductase that may be involved in modulating the cellular response under different environmental conditions. Expand
PCR-mediated direct gene disruption in Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
The results indicated that despite S.pombe's preference for non-homologous or illegitimate recombination, even very short stretches of homologous regions could be used to target genes at a defined frequency in this organism. Expand
Optimization of Immunogold Labeling TEM
It is indicated that an ELISA-based evaluation of various blocking agents could help in the rapid selection and optimization of a suitable protocol for immunogold localization and quantification of antigens by TEM. Expand
A solid-phase method for evaluation of gold conjugate used in quantitative detection of antigen by immunogold-labeling electron microscopy.
  • R. Kaur, M. Raje
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of immunological methods
  • 1 August 2003
This study indicates that evaluation of gold conjugate by the solid-phase assay could help in the rapid optimization of this reagent for immunogold localization and quantification of antigens by TEM. Expand
Charged nylon membrane substrate for convenient and versatile high resolution microscopic analysis of Escherichia coli & mammalian cells in suspension culture
Using a positively charged nylon membrane substrate, E. coli cells when immobilized on the charged membrane were seen to be highly resistant to detachment when subjected to the normal sample processing procedures associated with microscopy. Expand
Functional implications of the proximal site hydrogen bonding network in Vitreoscilla hemoglobin (VHb): Role of Tyr95 (G5) and Tyr126 (H12)
Molecular modeling suggests that the replacement of tyrosine with leucine in Tyr126Leu creates an opening on the protein surface that may facilitate oxygen diffusion and accumulation in VHb. Expand
Pre‐screening for antigen detectability in cells: a TEM‐based solid phase digital immunogold detection method utilizing ultra low volumes of reagents
A simple, sensitive and rapid solid phase transmission electron microscope (TEM) based method for the detection of picogram (pg) levels of soluble antigens using as little as 10 µL of reagents. Expand