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Measurement of active shoulder proprioception: dedicated system and device
The designed system can be used to assess proprioception in both shoulder injuries and treatment, and all achieved results of normal shoulders may serve as reference to be compared with the results of forthcoming studies.
Cannabis ( Cannabis sativa L.) – valuable plant useful and medicinal
konopi siewnych stosowana będzie nazwa konopie włókniste (ryc. 2). Znajdujące się w uprawie odmiany konopi włóknistych są roślinami jednorocznymi o kwiatach rozdzielnopłciowych, dwulub jednopiennymi
Possibilities of the use of composition of the extract of hemp to reduce the number of spider mites (Tetranychidae)
The effectiveness of the composition of hemp oil in reducing the number of selected species of spider mites and the results are very promising might be an important element in the development of integrated protection programs for vegetables and ornamental plants grown in greenhouses.
Evaluation of activity of hemp ( Cannabis sativa L.) essential oil against yeastlike fungi
The hemp essential oil was more active against strains yeastlike fungi from genus of C. utilis, C. parapsilosis, lusitaniae, Geotrichum candidum and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa, which indicated, that the most susceptible to Hemp essential oil were the strains from the genus of Candida utilis.
The monitoring system of valve regulated lead acid batteries-EMS
  • R. Kaniewski, F. Kotz
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    TELESCON . Third International Telecommunications…
  • 7 May 2000
The paper describes some problems which may face the user of VRLA batteries and designs and mounts the system for constant monitoring of battery state which simplifies maintenance work during stationary battery operation.
Mechanical Harvesting of Seed Hemp Based on Self-Propelled Machine
The principle of the new technology combines the mowing of hemp with the cutting of stems into shorter sections and cutting off tops (panicles), which are separately loaded on a trailer hooked behind