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Jeux Sans Frontieres: Tax Competition and Tax Coordination When Countries Differ in Size
Closer international integration is putting increasing pressure on existing national tax structures. this paper uses a simple two-country model to address a range of policy concerns that consequentlyExpand
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Fifty Years of Regional Inequality in China: A Journey Through Central Planning, Reform, and Openness
The paper constructs and analyzes a long-run time series for regional inequality in China from the Communist Revolution to the present. There have been three peaks of inequality in the last fiftyExpand
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What Difference Do Polarisation Measures Make? An Application to China
In recent years there has been much discussion of the difference between inequality and polarisation. The vast literature on inequality is held to miss out key features of distributional change,Expand
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Income Distribution and Development
This paper is a review of the post-war literature on income distribution and development. It argues that the literature has cycled from one consensus to another, responding to emerging policy issuesExpand
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Which Regional Inequality? The Evolution of Rural–Urban and Inland–Coastal Inequality in China from 1983 to 1995☆
Abstract This paper develops a unified empirical framework for describing the relative contribution of rural–urban and inland–coastal inequality to overall regional inequality in China during theExpand
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Economic Policy, Distribution and Poverty: The Nature of Disagreements
Eds: This paper is an outstanding presentation of conflicts in the global system with regard to trade, financial aid, development, poverty reduction and environmental policies. These conflicts mayExpand
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Aid, Conditionality and Debt in Africa
This paper presents a diagnosis of the current dysfunctionalities of the aid, conditionality and debt regime in Africa. It is argued that the key feature of the current system is that of aidExpand
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Premature Mortality and Poverty Measurement
An active noise control system which minimizes noise output by creating a secondary, cancelling noise field using vibrational inputs. The system includes one or more piezoceramic actuators mounted toExpand
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The Evolution of Thinking About Poverty: Exploring the Interactions
This paper considers the evolution ofthinking about poverty since Rowntree's classic study ofpoverty in England at the turn ofthe last century. It highlights the progressive broadening oftheExpand
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The Economics of International Aid
This paper presents an overview of the economics of international aid, highlighting the historical literature and the contemporary debates. It reviews the "trade-theoretic" and theExpand
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