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Affectometer 2: A scale to measure current level of general happiness
Affectometer 2 is a 5-minute inventory of general happiness or sense of well-being based on measuring the balance of positive and negative feelings in recent experience. Since this scale is directlyExpand
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The Comprehensibility of Printed Instructions and the Flowchart Alternative
A few recent studies of open-book comprehension for printed instructions lead to the rule of thumb that such instructions will be understood correctly about two-thirds of the time. Expand
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The Psychology of the Psychic
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The overestimation of vertical distance and slope and its role in the moon illusion
Six experiments were conducted to test the hypothesis that overestimation of vertical distance is a pervasive phenomenon. The experiments involved judgments of: (a) vertical distance looking upward;Expand
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Two meanings of word abstractness
Word abstractness has been defined in terms of hierarchical superordination or empirical ratings based on accessibility to the senses. Since a high-level superordinate (a generic term) should not beExpand
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Drivers approaching intersections have only a short time interval to make multiple decisions such as their intended direction of travel, whether any other vehicle is likely to conflict with them,Expand
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The analysis and measurement of happiness as a sense of well-being
General happiness is philosophically construed as a sense of well-being which in turn has been defined either as a complete and lasting satisfaction with life-as-a-whole or as a preponderance ofExpand
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Low accuracy in judgments of others' psychological well-being as seen from a phenomenological perspective
The generally low degree of agreement between self-ratings on personality traits and ratings by others may be interpreted from the viewpoint that self-reports reflect people's experience ofExpand
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