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Palatal Rugae Pattern as an Aid for Personal Identification: A Forensic Study
Introduction: Rugoscopy or palatoscopy is the study of palatal rugae in order to establish a person’s identity. Rugae are protected from trauma as they are insulated from heat by tongue and buccalExpand
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Knowledge of Specific Learning Disabilities among Teacher Educators in Puducherry , Union Territory in India
Though India has attained the literacy rate of 74 p ercent as per the 2011 Literacy Census Data, it still far behind to provide individual att ention in Formal Education as well as NonFormalExpand
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Multisensory Approach to Reading Skills of Dyslexic Students
A single teaching strategy may not suitable for all students and the special needs students require differentiated teaching strategy. Learning through the senses is the best way of learning anything.Expand
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Round Cell Tumors: Classification and Immunohistochemistry
Round cell tumors as the name suggest are comprised round cells with increased nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio. This group of tumor includes entities such as peripheral neuroectodermal tumor,Expand
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Primary tuberculosis of the oral cavity.
There is a well-known phrase that states, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." This expression continues to apply to tuberculosis (TB), a widespread infectious disease traced backExpand
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Paraneoplastic syndromes in patients with oral cancer
Paraneoplastic syndromes (PNS) include a series of disorders that accompany benign and malignant tumors. PNS occurs in one to seven percent of all cancer patients, however the evidences seem to beExpand
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Amelanotic Melanoma of the oral cavity
Oral mucosal melanoma (OMM) is an extremely rare malignancy accounting for < 0.5% of all melanomas and all oral malignancies. The clinical presentation of a malignant melanoma is usually a brownblackExpand
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Clinical characteristics and mortality patterns of MDRTB patients in India
Introduction: This study gathered information on genesis of MDR TB at 3 centers in India which helps understand the current clinical practice and management of MDR TB and helps to standardizeExpand
Amlodipine induced gingival enlargement: A case report
Abstract Gingival enlargement is seen due to a large number of local and systemic factors with drugs being one of the common causative factors. Drug induced gingival hyperplasia has posed a seriousExpand
Calcifying epithelial odontogenic cyst with odontome in left mandible
Calcifying epithelial odontogenic cyst is a mixed odontogenic benign tumor but most of the cases present cystic characteristics. We present a case report of calcifying epithelial odontogenic cystExpand