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The RCAF complex mediates chromatin assembly during DNA replication and repair
Genetic analyses in Saccharomyces cerevisiae demonstrate that ASF1 is essential for normal cell cycle progression, and suggest that RCAF mediates chromatin assembly after DNA replication and the repair of double-strand DNA damage in vivo. Expand
The boundaries of the silenced HMR domain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
The chromosomes of eukaryotes are organized into structurally and functionally discrete domains that provide a mechanism to compact the DNA as well as delineate independent units of gene activity. ItExpand
RNA polymerase III and RNA polymerase II promoter complexes are heterochromatin barriers in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
It is proposed that silencing mediated by the Sir proteins competes with barrier element‐associated chromatin remodeling activity. Expand
The p55 subunit of Drosophila chromatin assembly factor 1 is homologous to a histone deacetylase-associated protein.
Findings collectively suggest that p55 may function as a link between DNA replication-coupled chromatin assembly and histone modification. Expand
Sir2p exists in two nucleosome‐binding complexes with distinct deacetylase activities
The purification and characterization of two Sir2p‐containing protein complexes are reported; one of which contains Sir4p and the other Net1p, each of which has an NAD‐dependent histone deacetylase activity. Expand
Histone variants: deviants?
Recent progress in understanding how histone variants lead to changes in chromatin structure and dynamics to carry out specific functions is discussed. Expand
A histone variant, Htz1p, and a Sir1p-like protein, Esc2p, mediate silencing at HMR.
This work generated mutants of Sir1p that are recruited to the silencer but are unable to silence, and utilized these mutants to identify four proteins, Sir3p, Sir4p, Esc2p, and Htz1p, that when overexpressed, restored silencing. Expand
Insulators and promoters: closer than we think
It is proposed that enhancer-blockers and silencing barrier-insulators might have evolved as specialized derivatives of promoters and that the two types of element use related mechanisms to mediate their distinct functions. Expand
Potentiation of RNA polymerase II transcription by Gal4-VP16 during but not after DNA replication and chromatin assembly.
It is found that Gal4-VP16 could potentiate transcription during, but not after, replication and assembly of histone H1-containing chromatin, which possessed properties similar to native chromatin. Expand
Chromatin insulators.
Insulators are DNA elements that restrict the effects of long-range regulatory elements and like active chromatin hubs and silenced loci, insulators also cluster in the nucleus. Expand