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De Sitter vacua in string theory
We outline the construction of metastable de Sitter vacua of type IIB string theory. Our starting point is highly warped IIB compactifications with nontrivial NS and RR three-form fluxes. By
Towards inflation in string theory
We investigate the embedding of brane inflation into stable compactifications of string theory. At first sight a warped compactification geometry seems to produce a naturally flat inflaton potential,
Superconformal inflationary α-attractors
A bstractRecently a broad class of superconformal inflationary models was found leading to a universal observational prediction $ {n_s}=1-\frac{2}{N} $ and $ r=\frac{12 }{{{N^2}}} $ [1, 2]. Here we
Universality class in conformal inflation
We develop a new class of chaotic inflation models with spontaneously broken conformal invariance. Observational consequences of a broad class of such models are stable with respect to strong
De Sitter string vacua from supersymmetric D-terms
We propose a new mechanism for obtaining de Sitter vacua in type-IIB string theory compactified on (orientifolded) Calabi-Yau manifolds similar to those recently studied by Kachru, Kallosh, Linde and
New formulations of D = 10 supersymmetry and D8-O8 domain walls
We discuss a generalized form of IIA/IIB supergravity depending on all R-R potentials C-(p) (p = 0, 1,..., 9) as the effective field theory of type IIA/IIB superstring theory. For the IIA case we
D3-D7 inflationary model and M theory
A proposal is made for a cosmological D3-D7 model with a constant magnetic flux along the D7 world volume. It describes an $\mathcal{N}=2$ gauge model with Fayet-Iliopoulos terms and the potential of
Superconformal generalizations of the Starobinsky model
We find a way to represent the Starobinsky model in terms of a simple conformally invariant theory with spontaneous symmetry breaking. We also present a superconformal theory, which, upon spontaneous