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Peripheral lung cancer: screening and detection with low-dose spiral CT versus radiography.
Low-dose spiral CT was superior to chest radiography in the screening and detection of peripheral lung cancer in high-risk individuals, and further large-scale studies are warranted, however, to clarify the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of low- dose spiral CT in a randomized, controlled population.
Screening for lung cancer with low-dose helical computed tomography: anti-lung cancer association project.
Screening with low-dose helical CT has potential to improve screening efficacy in terms of reducing lung cancer mortality and an evaluation of efficacy using appropriate methods is urgently required.
Evolving concepts in the pathology and computed tomography imaging of lung adenocarcinoma and bronchioloalveolar carcinoma.
A consensus definition of "minimally invasive" BAC with a favorable prognosis could not be achieved and there is a need to work toward a mutual understanding and consensus with the use of the term BAC versus adenocarcinoma.
Quantitative surface characterization of pulmonary nodules based on thin-section CT images
A method to quantify surface characteristics of small pulmonary nodules with well-defined surfaces based on thin-section CT images based on 3-D deformable surfaces approach is presented.
Weekly chemotherapy with cisplatin, vincristine, doxorubicin, and etoposide is an effective treatment for advanced thymic carcinoma
The efficacy and tolerability of a weekly chemotherapy regimen consisting of cisplatin, vincristine, doxorubicin, and etoposide (CODE) for the treatment of advanced thymic carcinoma was determined.
Localized Pure Ground-Glass Opacity on High-Resolution CT: Histologic Characteristics
The histologic characteristics in cases of localized pure ground-glass opacity (LPGGO) that do not exhibit consolidation on high-resolution CT (HRCT) images are assessed to determine whether patients with LPGGO should undergo pathologic examination for confirmation.
First-line single agent treatment with gefitinib in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a phase II study.
Single agent treatment with gefitinib is active in chemotherapy-naïve patients with advanced NSCLC, but produces unacceptably frequent ILD in the Japanese population.
Natural History of Pulmonary Subsolid Nodules: A Prospective Multicenter Study
Progression of Focal Pure Ground-Glass Opacity Detected by Low-Dose Helical Computed Tomography Screening for Lung Cancer
The pGGOs of lung cancer nodules do not only increase in size or density, but may also decrease rapidly or slowly with the appearance of solid components.