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A characterization of the drivers, pressures, ecosystem functions and services of Namatala wetland, Uganda
Abstract Namatala wetland near the town of Mbale in the Eastern region of Uganda is a papyrus wetland that is subject to conversion for agriculture (mainly rice farming) and pollution by wastewater.Expand
The Potential of Fingerpond Systems to Increase Food Production From Wetlands in Africa
In Africa there is a need to increase food security especially in the dry season when livelihoods are most at risk. The fingerpond concept is designed to exploit fringe wetlands sustainably for foodExpand
Capacity for sustainable management of wetlands: Lessons from the WETwin project
The paper discusses the application of a method to analyze the capacity for management of wetland resources. The method consists of a framework with a set of indicators to analyze the presence andExpand
Characteristics of natural organic matter and formation of chlorination by-products at Masaka waterworks
To minimise the formation of chlorination by-products (CBPs) it is imperative that attention is directed towards the structure and occurrence of natural organic matter (NOM) in raw water sources, aExpand
Evaluation of nitrogen cycling and fish production in seasonal ponds (‘Fingerponds’) in Lake Victoria wetlands, East Africa using a dynamic simulation model
A dynamic model was developed to simulate nitrogen (N) flows and fish production in seasonal wetland fish ponds (Fingerponds) based on organic manuring and natural food production. The modelExpand
Increasing fish production from wetlands at Lake Victoria, Uganda using organically manured seasonal wetland fish ponds
The processes driving primary productivity and its impacts on fish production were investigated in field trials in eight seasonal earthen wetland ponds ‘Fingerponds’ (192 m2) in Uganda between 2003Expand
The impact of alum discharges on a natural tropical wetland in Uganda.
Alum sludge discharge effects on a natural wetland on the shores of Lake Victoria at Gaba in Uganda has been investigated. The water quality in the swamp, the sediment chemistry and plant growth andExpand
Towards decision support-based integrated management planning of papyrus wetlands: a case study from Uganda
Management and decision making for wetlands need an integrated approach, in which all ecosystem services are identified, their importance are assessed and objectives are formulated about theirExpand