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Everglades and Agriculture in South Florida
  • R. Kadlec
  • Environmental Science
  • 22 September 2009
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Sedimentation and sediment accretion in Michigan coastal wetlands (U.S.A.)
Abstract Sediment transport and accretion rates were studied for three different types of coastal wetlands of Lake Michigan, U.S.A. A forested intradunal wetland (Cranberry Bog No. 1) nearExpand
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The optimal control of a periodic adsorber: Part I. Experiment
Cyclic pressure variations in a fixed bed adsorber can cause significant separation of gaseous mixtures. Feed pressure changes are the driving force in this parametric pumping process. The optimalExpand
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Optimal operation of a tubular chemical reactor
A theoretical and experimental study was conducted on the optimal steady state operation of a jacketed, tubular, liquid-phase reactor in which consecutive second-order reactions occurred in turbulentExpand
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Optimal Control of a Continuous Flow Stirred
The time optimal control problem for jacket cooled continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR) with an exothermic, irreversible, second-order, homogeneous, liquid-phase reaction (the saponificationExpand
Wetland treatment of oil and gas well waste waters. Final report
Constructed wetlands are small on-site systems that possess three of the most desirable components of an industrial waste water treatment scheme: low cost, low maintenance and upset resistance. TheExpand
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On the use of mathematics in journal papers
  • R. Kadlec
  • Chemistry, Mathematics
  • 1 November 1976
The optimal control of a periodic adsorber: Part II. Theory
The fixed bed binary gas adsorber, when alternately fed and exhausted at one end, produces a purified product from the other end. Coupled partial differential equations in pressure and composition,Expand
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Evolution of Sizing Methods