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Generation and characterization of four dilutions of diesel engine exhaust for a subchronic inhalation study.
Exposure atmospheres for a rodent inhalation toxicology study were generated from the exhaust of a 2000 Cummins ISB 5.9L diesel engine coupled to a dynamometer and operated on a slightly modifiedExpand
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Interspecific scaling of toxicity data.
  • C. Travis, R. K. White
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Risk analysis : an official publication of the…
  • 1 March 1988
This paper reexamines the scaling approaches used in cancer risk assessment and proposes a more precise body weight scaling factor. Two approaches are conventionally used in scaling exposure and doseExpand
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There is increasing interest in diesel fuels derived from plant oils or animal fats ("biodiesel"), but little information on the toxicity of biodiesel emissions other than bacterial mutagenicity.Expand
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Design, Characterization, and Evaluation of a Small-Scale Diesel Exhaust Exposure System
A single-cylinder engine diesel exhaust exposure system was constructed to conduct laboratory health effects studies. The single-cylinder engine was selected to provide a cost-effective andExpand
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Managing Runoff from a Small, Paved Beef Feedlot
Each year for 3 y, 56 steer calves were fed to market weight on a corn-silage and shelled-corn ration in a 243-m² paved lot. Storm runoff was measured and sampled as it left the feedlot, and againExpand
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Inhalation exposure systems for the development of rodent models of sulfur mustard-induced pulmonary injury
Sulfur mustard (SM) is a chemical threat agent for which its effects have no current treatment. Due to the ease of synthesis and dispersal of this material, the need to develop therapeutics isExpand
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Simulation Model for Composting Cellulosic (Bagasse) Substrates
A dynamic model of aerobic composting with solid substrates was developed as a first step to predict the rate of decomposition of cellulosic materials. The model was based on heat and mass transferExpand
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Generation and Characterization of Hardwood Smoke Inhalation Exposure Atmospheres
An inhalation exposure system and operating protocol were developed that resulted in consistent achievement of targeted exposure concentrations of hardwood smoke without compromising the desire toExpand
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Right-Left Ventricular output Balance in the Totally Implantable Artificial Heart
Pneumatically powered artificial hearts readily accommodated the higher net stroke volumes by the right ventricle than from the left ventricle. We published that this discrepancy was approximately 8%Expand
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Quantitative standard for exposure chamber integrity.
An inhalation exposure chamber separates the internal exposure atmosphere from the surrounding laboratory atmosphere. The integrity of this separation is reduced if the chamber leaks. A simple methodExpand
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