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Common Fixed Point Theorems For A Pair Of Mappings In Complex-valued Metric Spaces
R. K. VERMA Department of mathematics, Govt. C.L.C. College Patan Distt.-Durg (C.G.) 491111, INDIA email:rohitverma1967@rediffmail.com H. K. PATHAK School of Studies in Mathematics, Pt. RavishankarExpand
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Impact of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage on frequency stability of an isolated hybrid power system
This paper proposed the modeling and control of a hybrid Wind Power, Diesel-Engine Generator (DEG) - Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage system connected to an Isolated power system. Expand
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Performance and control system design for FPGA based CVMPPT boost converter for remote SPV water pumping system applications
Solar energy is a renewable and a vast source of primary energy to electricity. PV module is increasingly employed in utilizing the sun's energy for generating electrical energy. The photovoltaicExpand
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Frequency Regulation of Micro-grid Connected Hybrid Power System with SMES
This paper presents the frequency regulation analysis of a micro-grid connected hybrid power system based on solar Photovoltaic (PV), Wind and Diesel-Engine Generator (DEG) with SuperconductingExpand
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Frequency stability analysis of hybrid power system based on solar PV with SMEs unit
Storage Technology has emerged as main backup powers provider in the era of Smart Grid. Frequency stability analysis of a hybrid power system (HPS) based on solar PV and Superconducting MagneticExpand
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Significance of Mobile Agent in Wireless Sensor Network
Mobile agents have been proposed for collecting and processing network management information in the internet and other networks. This paper describes the concept of mobile agent in the wirelessExpand
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Optimal Power Flow Using Differential Evolution Algorithm With Conventional Weighted Sum Method
Optimal reactive power dispatch is one of most important task in the today’s power system operation. This paper present optimal reactive power dispatch with the help of differential evolutionExpand
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A Review: Architecture of Wireless Sensor Network by using Mobile Agents
In wireless sensor network, mobile agents are computer programs that automatically move between different network hosts and perform various operations according to user’s requirements. This paperExpand
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I n 1989, Bakhtin introduced the notion of b-metric space (I. A. Bakhtin, The contraction principal in quasi-metric spaces, Functional Analysis 30 (1989), 26-37 ) as a generalization of metric spaceExpand
Common Fixed Point Theorems for Expansive Type Mappings in b-Metric Spaces
Abstract- In this paper, we prove three common fixed point results for expansive type mappings in b-metric spaces. First part of our main result contains two results on weakly compatible mappingsExpand