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Metal-Mediated Assembly of 1,N(6)-Ethenoadenine: From Surfaces to DNA Duplexes.
1,N(6)-ethenoadenine and its derivatives are ideally suited as bis(monodentate) ligands with a parallel alignment of the N→M vectors for the construction of supramolecular metal complexes that require two metal ions at close distance.
Adenine coordination around a Cu6I6 core.
A novel adenine-containing hexagonal prismatic cuprous iodide aggregate was obtained with Cu(+), while Ag(+) interaction afforded interconnected two- and four-membered metallacycles.
Probing structural consequences of N9-alkylation in silver-adenine frameworks.
This communication explores the effect of varying substituent bulk at the N9 position of the adenine moiety and its effect in dictating the structural aspects of silver-adenine frameworks. While
Counteranion-directed structural consequences in silver–adenine N-oxide complexes
Crystallographic investigations of N9-propyladenine N1-oxide silver complexes, having different counteranions, are reported. While hydrogen bonded 1D polymeric chains were observed in case of NO3−
Silver-catalyzed intramolecular cyclization of 9-propargyladenine via N3 alkylation.
We report the formation of a highly unusual fused, tricyclic purine derivative via N3 alkylation of 9-propargyladenine, upon activation of the acetylenic triple bond by Ag(I) ions. The participation
Adenine supported hydroxyl-bridged dicopper core as a catalytically competent unit for phenol oxidation
Abstract This communication describes crystallographic investigation of a dicopper complex of modified adenine nucleobase containing a Cu2O2 core. This arrangement is remarkably similar to active
Improvement in Parameters of Patch Antenna by Using âÂÂSpiral Shapesâ Metamaterial Structure
In this work, a Rectangular microstrip patch antenna loaded with “Spiral Shaped” metamaterial structure is designed at a height 3.2 mm from the ground plane by using CSTMWS software. The resonance
Surface modification and pattern formation by nucleobases and their coordination complexes
This review presents recent progress concerning the organization of nucleobases on highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG), mica, Cu(110) and Au(111) surfaces, followed by their studies using
Coordination site discrimination in substituted bioessential purine ligands
The synthesis and crystallographic investigations of N6 and/or N9 substituted adenine analogues with coinage metal ions are described. While N6 disubstitution in an N9-unsubstituted adenine unit