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Worldwide decline of specialist species: toward a global functional homogenization?
Specialization is a concept based on a broad theoretical framework developed by evolutionary biologists and ecologists. In the past 10 years, numerous studies have reported that – in many contexts –Expand
Birds are tracking climate warming, but not fast enough
Range shifts of many species are now documented as a response to global warming. But whether these observed changes are occurring fast enough remains uncertain and hardly quantifiable. Here, weExpand
Spatial segregation of specialists and generalists in bird communities.
Each species generally has a close relationship with one or more habitats and can therefore be classified as either specialist or generalist. We studied whether specialist and generalist species areExpand
Defining and measuring ecological specialization
Summary 1.  Ecological specialization is one of the main concepts in ecology and conservation. However, this concept has become highly context-dependent and is now obscured by the great variabilityExpand
Differences in the climatic debts of birds and butterflies at a continental scale
Climate changes have profound effects on the distribution of numerous plant and animal species(1-3). However, whether and how different taxonomic groups are able to track climate changes at largeExpand
Distribution of specialist and generalist species along spatial gradients of habitat disturbance and fragmentation
In this paper, we tested whether the spatial distribution of a given species in more or less fragmented and disturbed landscapes depends on the species habitat specialization. We studied 891 spatialExpand
Climate envelope, life history traits and the resilience of birds facing global change
Few studies have examined how life history traits and the climate envelope influence the ability of species to respond to climate change and habitat degradation. In this study, we test whether 18Expand
Functional biotic homogenization of bird communities in disturbed landscapes
Aim Wo rldwide, functional homogenization is now considered to be one of the most prominent forms of biotic impoverishment induced by current global changes. Ye t this process has hardly beenExpand
Advantages of volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring in Europe.
Without robust and unbiased systems for monitoring, changes in natural systems will remain enigmatic for policy makers, leaving them without a clear idea of the consequences of any environmentalExpand
Functional homogenization effect of urbanization on bird communities.
We studied the community richness and dynamics of birds in landscapes recently affected by urbanization to test the prediction that biotic communities living in degraded landscapes are increasinglyExpand