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Gender and Power in Prehispanic Mesoamerica
Acknowledgments 1. Gender, Performance, Power, and Representation 2. Negotiating Sex and Gender in Formative Mesoamerica 3. Narratives of Gender among the Classic Maya 4. Transforming Gender: ClassicExpand
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Girling the girl and boying the boy: the production of adulthood in ancient Mesoamerica
  • R. Joyce
  • History, Medicine
  • World archaeology
  • 1 January 2000
Drawing on the work of Judith Butler, I analyse practices through which lifecycle transitions were marked on the bodies of sixteenth-century Aztec children. Because the production of disciplinedExpand
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Beyond kinship : social and material reproduction in house societies
Levi-Strauss's latter-day thinking on houses and house societies offers an antikinship kinship theory that puts a new slant on time, family, and hierarchy. Skillfully edited by Joyce and Gillespie,Expand
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Chemical and archaeological evidence for the earliest cacao beverages
Chemical analyses of residues extracted from pottery vessels from Puerto Escondido in what is now Honduras show that cacao beverages were being made there before 1000 B.C., extending the confirmedExpand
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Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives: Sex, Gender, and Archaeology
An accessible, though tightly argued book, which shows the importance of an open mind when dealing with the archaeology of sex and gender. All too often, Rosemary Joyce claims, reconstructions of sexExpand
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PostScript: Doing Agency in Archaeology
We argue that since agency and structure are indivisible parts of a single process through which society is continuously created over time, everything that persists or changes in archaeological sitesExpand
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Embodied Lives:: Figuring Ancient Maya and Egyptian Experience
1. Introduction 2. Terminologies 3. Materialities 4. Anti-Cartesianism 5. Hybrids 6. Phallic Culture 7. Subject to Object 8. Shadows
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Unintended Consequences? Monumentality as a Novel Experience in Formative Mesoamerica
To contribute to creation of a model for the initial steps in monumental construction in Formative period Mesoamerica (ca. 1100–700 B.C.), this article employs concepts from theories ofExpand
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Interdisciplinary Applications: Providing a Past for “Bodies That Matter”: Judith Butler's Impact on the Archaeology of Gender
Recent archeological work on gender and sexuality has drawn on Judith Butler's discussions of abjection and gender performance in ways that promise to contribute to explicating these concepts.Expand
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