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Nomemclature of the proteins of cow's milk: fourth revision.
This report reviews the nomenclature of the milk proteins of cow's milk in light of more recent advances in our knowledge. With the establishment of the primary structures of a number of theseExpand
Diet and acculturation in Chinese women
Abstract Information about acculturation of the increasing Asian-American population is limited. Three groups of women between 18 and 35 years of age were recruited to assess nutrition-relatedExpand
Effect of Calcium, N-Ethylmaleimide and Casein upon Heat-Induced Whey Protein Aggregation
Abstract Low- and high-speed centrifugation, Sephadex gel-filtration and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis were employed to further investigate the nature and extent of protein aggregation producedExpand
Relation of Heat-induced Changes in Protein-salt Constituents to Astringency in Milk Systems
Abstract Selected milk systems were heated at varying levels and subsequently examined for astringent flavor response, as well as by high speed centrifugation, Sephadex gel filtration, polyacrylamideExpand
Cheese Whey Detection in Frozen Desserts
Abstract Conventional analyses and high pressure liquid chromatography were used to detect sweet-type cheese whey replacement for nonfat milk solids in ice milk mixes at substitutions below and aboveExpand
Determinations of nonprotein nitrogen content of cheese whey.
Nonprotein nitrogen in pooled sweet (Cheddar and Dagano) and acid (cottage) wheys was estimated by currently proposed dialysis and chemical precipitation methods. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyses of (a)Expand
Effects of Processing on Liquid Infant Milk Formulas. I. Freshly Processed Products
Abstract Ready-to-feed milk-based infant formulas prepared with different types of nonfat milk solids were evaluated for effects of various processing conditions. Stage of processing, presence orExpand
Composition and Properties of Submicellar Casein Complexes in Colloidal Phosphate-Free Skimmilk
Abstract Colloidal phosphate-free milks prepared from raw or heated (80C for 30min) skimmilk by adjustment to pH 4.9 or addition of ethylenediaminetetraacetate followed by dialysis were similar inExpand