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A new family of monotremes feom the Creataceous of Australia
AUSTRALIA'S second Mesozoic mammal, Kollikodon ritchiei (Monotremata, Kollikodontidae, new family) has an extreme bunodont molar morphology. The existence of two distinctively different families ofExpand
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Families as full research partners: What's in it for us?
This article describes a children's managed mental health care program that incorporates both a family participation service model and a family-initiated evaluation model. The authors begin byExpand
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Current opinion
Inevitably, reading is one of the requirements to be undergone. To improve the performance and quality, someone needs to have something new every day. It will suggest you to have more inspirations,Expand
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Feeding Aversion in Children with Neurodisability and its Assessment Using CEBQ: A Tertiary Feeding Clinic Experience
Background: Children with history of prematurity and developmental delay have feeding problems not solely attributed to oropharyngeal structural and motor impairments. Aversion to food and feedingExpand
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Big Data Analytics for Improving Fidelity of Engineering Design Decisions
This paper presents a novel approach for applying artificial intelligence (AI) to the training of a mechanical design system model, assimilates the definition of meta-data for design containers (binders) to that of labels for books in a library. Expand
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Graptemys flavimaculata Cagle 1954 – Yellow-Blotched Sawback, Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle
052.1 Conservation Biology of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises: A Compilation Project of the IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group A.G.J. Rhodin, P.C.H. Pritchard, P.P. van Dijk,Expand
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