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Treatment needs of female offenders: a review
The number of women involved in the criminal justice system is growing, yet few programs and services are geared specifically towards their needs. Moreover, even with gender-specific programming, aExpand
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Culturally Relevant Assessment of Indigenous Offenders: A Literature Review
This paper is the first in a two-part series reviewing the current state of Indigenous programming in correctional settings. The focus is Australian, with a local Victorian emphasis, but literatureExpand
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Treatment outcome with sex offenders
Abstract Previous reviews have taken either a severe methodological stance and concluded that treatments have not been demonstrated to be effective with sex offenders, or they have ignoredExpand
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Learn Sesame, a Learning Agent Engine
Open Sesame! 1.0-released in 1993-was the world's first commercial user interface learning agent. The development of this agent involved a number of decisions about basic design issues that had notExpand
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The quantity and fate of carbon assimilated from 14CO2 by Fusarium oxysporum grown under oligotrophic and near oligotrophic conditions
The distribution of 14 C in the medium and metabolites of Fusarium oxysporum (an oligotrophic soil isolate) growing with 14 C-labelled carbon dioxide in the absence of any exogenous carbon source wasExpand
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Programs to improve interpersonal safety in Indigenous communities: evidence and issues
There is now a substantial amount of published literature describing the range of programs and interventions that have been implemented in an attempt to improve aspects of community safety. Only aExpand
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Specialized Knowledge and Skills in Technology and Environmental Interventions for Occupational Therapy Practice
Specialized Knowledge and Skills in Technology and Environmental Interventions for Occupational Therapy Practice Joy Hammel;Daniel Knowland;Roger Smith;Lynn Gitlow;Robin Jones;Susan Leech;BethExpand
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Adoptions, outcomes and placements for children looked after by local authorities in Wales, 2014-15
This annual national statistics first release presents figures about children looked after by Welsh local authorities. Children looked after include those on care orders and others provided withExpand
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Sensory Perception of Material Texture in Consumer Products
Abstract A more informed understanding of information about human sensory perception of materials is playing an increasingly important role in the selection and combination of materials withinExpand
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The effect of crop characteristics and ensiling methodology on grass silage effluent production
Abstract Experimental data on the effects of crop characteristics (d.m. content, species, fertilizer input) and ensiling methodology (crop treatment, consolidation, additives) on effluent productionExpand
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