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Development of an imaging system dedicated to the acquisition analysis and multispectral characterisation of skin lesion. (Développement d'un outil d'imagerie dédié à l'acquisition, à l'analyse et à
  • R. Jolivot
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
  • 7 December 2011
Visual evaluation of cutaneous lesions is the analysis the most commonly performedby dermatologists. This diagnostic is mainly done by naked eye and is based on criterionsuch as the size, shape,Expand
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Skin Parameter Map Retrieval from a Dedicated Multispectral Imaging System Applied to Dermatology/Cosmetology
In vivo quantitative assessment of skin lesions is an important step in the evaluation of skin condition. An objective measurement device can help as a valuable tool for skin analysis. We propose anExpand
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Validation of a 2D multispectral camera: application to dermatology/cosmetology on a population covering five skin phototypes
This paper presents the validation of a new multispectral camera specifically developed for dermatological application based on healthy participants from five different Skin PhotoTypes (SPT). TheExpand
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Analysis of Multispectral Images of Excised Colon Tissue Samples Based on Genetic Algorithms
We present in this paper a method to estimate four significant biological parameters of colon tissue. The interaction of light with colon tissue is modeled by two layers parameterized by biologicalExpand
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Android Malware Classification based on Mobile Security Framework
In this paper, a machine learning based technique is proposed to classify android applications in three classes based on the confidence level defined as safe, suspicious and highly suspicious. ThirtyExpand
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Reconstruction of hyperspectral cutaneous data from an artificial neural network-based multispectral imaging system
The development of an integrated MultiSpectral Imaging (MSI) system yielding hyperspectral cubes by means of artificial neural networks is described. The MSI system is based on a CCD camera, aExpand
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Colour and multispectral imaging for wound healing evaluation in the context of a comparative preclinical study
Accurate wound assessment is a critical task for patient care and health cost reduction at hospital but even still worse in the context of clinical studies in laboratory. This task, completelyExpand
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Unmixing of human skin optical reflectance maps by Non-negative Matrix Factorization algorithm
Abstract We present in this paper the decomposition of human skin absorption spectra with a Non-negative Matrix Factorization method. In doing so, we are able to quantify the relative proportion ofExpand
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An open system to generate hyperspectral cubes for skin optical reflectance analysis
Optical visible light analysis of the skin mainly relies on RGB colour imaging. Multispectral imaging of human skin represents a more accurate approach for in vivo analysis of its optical properties.Expand
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Source separation on hyperspectral cube applied to dermatology
This paper proposes a method of quantification of the components underlying the human skin that are supposed to be responsible for the effective reflectance spectrum of the skin over the visibleExpand
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