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The Olivines of the Garbh Eilean Sill, Shiant Isles
The investigation of the olivines in the picrite, picrodolerite, and crinanite of the Garbh Eilean sill is part of a research program on the geochemistry and petrology of the rocks of the ShiantExpand
At one locality near or at the lower margin of the main Shiant Isles sill there are contacts with Jurassic marl. Immediately adjacent to the highest of these contacts there is clear evidence of anExpand
XXII.—The Petrology of Picritic Rocks in Minor Intrusions—a Hebridean Group.
The results are presented of a detailed petrological reconnaissance of a group of picritic minor intrusions in the Hebrides. A substantial amount of new factual data is subjected to a unifiedExpand
Crystallization of Poikilo-macro-spherulitic Feldspar in a Rhum Peridotite
Here we define and describe a new macrocrystalline radiate texture in a major layered intrusion. This occurrence is inconsistent with the much applied adcumulus crystal growth hypothesis whichExpand
XIII.—Crystal Growth of Forsteritic Olivine in Magmas and Melts
One of the writers' main aims has been to help to prepare the way for a new approach to problems in which the natural occurrence of forsteritic olivines is a vital factor. Variation in their shapesExpand
Metastable Growth Patterns in Some Terrestrial and Lunar Rocks
With reference to new information on the textures in some terrestrial mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks of Tertiary age, textural patterns attributable to metastable crystallization are described,Expand
On Fluoborite from Selibin, Malaya
The Beatrice Mine at Selibin in the Federated Malay States formed a unique type of tin deposit characterized by its richness in cassiterite and the striking paragenesis of its contained minerals. TheExpand
Some textures in Apollo 12 lunar igneous rocks and in terrestrial analogs.
The interpretation of immature crystallization and some lunar textures characterized by it are the principal objectives of this investigation. A comparative and selective approach is adopted, andExpand
Supercooling on the lunar surface: a review of analogue information
The crystallization of the principal constituent minerals, olivine, pyroxene and plagioclase, in dendritic or skeletal forms, is much more characteristic of lunar than of terrestrial igneous rocks.Expand