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What are the primary constituents of stress in prison, and how can it be ameliorated? The specific conditions that create stress -- from the initial loss of freedom, to overcrowding, victimization
Death Work: A Study of the Modern Execution Process.
Part One: Executions past and present. Executions past: antiquity to the 20th Century. Executions present: the 20th century American experience. Part Two: Waiting to die. A study of modern death
Condemned to Die
The Complete Correctional Officer
The correctional officer role is examined in relation to the possibilities the role affords for the delivery of human services to inmates with problems and crises of adjustment. Correctional officers
Solitary Confinement Until Death by State-Sponsored Homicide: An Eighth Amendment Assessment of the Modern Execution Process
Table of ContentsI. Introduction.1213II. Death Row Is a Human Warehouse.1215III. Death Row Confinement Is Objectively Dehumanizing.1223IV. Death Row Confinement Is a Form of Torture.1227V. Death Row
A Region in Turmoil: South Asian Conflicts since 1947
Since 2001 there has been considerable interest in the individual conflicts that have engulfed the states of South Asia, from the long insurgency of Myanmar, through the struggle of the Tamil Tigers
Not a sufficient condition: The limited relevance of the gender MDG to women's progress
This article argues that the absence of gender disparities in schooling has led to neither improved gender equity in the workforce, nor improved gender shares of national income, and the accompanying Goal to ‘promote gender equality and empower women’ may fall far short of achieving any real progress.
“Opening a Vein”: Inmate Poetry and the Prison Experience
Prisoner poetry is an untapped source of ethnographic information on prison life. Drawing on a wide array of original poems by prisoners, the authors explore facets of prison life and adjustment that
International English: towards an acceptable, teachable target variety
: This paper offers a ‘first-approximation’ description of International English (IE). This variety, it is claimed, can be differentiated systematically from other varieties in terms of its content,
Sentencing Children to Death by Incarceration: A Deadly Denial of Social Responsibility
Juveniles, even the worst offenders among them, have an affirmative claim to social conditions and public policies that foster their mature development. The U.S. Supreme Court has recognized the