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Birth order and desired family size: a replication.
Additional study gives further support to the hypothesis that 1st borns desire fewer children regardless of their race. In a previous study in 1973 it was learned that 1st-born white female collegeExpand
Quick Test Validation: Scores of Adults in a Welfare Setting
The Full Scale Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and Quick Test (QT) Form 1 were administered to 45 Ss; their ages ranged from 16 to 56 yr. (Mago = 17.81 yr.). The Full Scale WAIS MIQ wasExpand
Correlations among women's views of contraception, anxiety, creativity, and equalitarianism measures.
Women's Views of Contraception correlated with the five sex-roles scales and the creativity measures, and the authors speculate that the rapidly changing roles of women tend to increase anxiety. Expand
Attitudes about Sex Roles, Sex, and Marital Status of Anti-War Demonstrators
A sex-role questionnaire was completed by 154 of about 1,500 demonstrators in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and people who had demonstrated many times tended to see women mote as individuals than those who had shown less. Expand
Comparison of Scores on Quick Test and Stanford-Binet, Form L-M
Data from Lamp and Barclay's (1968) sample came from both suburban and rural communities, while the present sample came entirely from a small southern town, and these data further support use of the QT as a rapid determiner of a relative level of intelligence. Expand
The Quick Test as a Screening Device in a Welfare Setting
The Quick Test (Form 1) was administered to 42 retarded children in a welfare setting. IQs correlated significantly with WISC raw scores (e.g., Vocabulary r = .61; Verbal r = .69; Performance r =Expand
Sex Differences in Group Belongingness as Influenced by Instructor's Sex
This research suggests a qualified female instructor can enhance self-image of women students, and male instructors' classes thought there was nothing good about being a woman. Expand
Equalitarianism and Creativity: A Tentative Relationship
Low to moderate positive correlations were reported for college women on tests of creativity, anti-sexism and equalitarianism in a study of attitudes towards women in the United States. Expand