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Gripped by the past: Nostalgia and the 2010 Labour party leadership contest
Ed Miliband was elected to the Labour leadership claiming that ‘the past is another country’. In this article, we assess Labour's transition from office to opposition in 2010 and we address theExpand
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The Golden Trade
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The Discovery of River Gambra, 1623
Contents: List of maps and illustrations Preface Part I: Jobsona (TM)s texts: Introduction The sources The English and River Gambia: English trading voyages to Senegambia 1587a "1621 The 1618 andExpand
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‘Waving the Banners of a Bygone Age’, Nostalgia and Labour's Clause IV Controversy, 1959–60
In late 1959, Hugh Gaitskell declared that the Labour Party needed to revise Clause IV of its 1918 Constitution. Within the party, his proposals faced much opposition. Ultimately, the strength ofExpand
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Reinventing the block vote? Trade unions and the 2010 Labour party leadership election
Labour's electoral college chose Ed Miliband as the party's new leader on the basis of votes that were influenced by trade union activities. Some trade unions made a number of decisive interventionsExpand
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The Speed Of Life
Nostalgia and the post-war Labour Party: Prisoners of the past
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