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Hormonal regulation of leaf senescence through integration of developmental and stress signals
Leaf senescence is a genetically controlled dismantling programme that enables plants to efficiently remobilise nutrients to new growing sinks. It involves substantial metabolic reprogramming whoseExpand
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Cold, antioxidant and osmotic pre-treatments maintain the structural integrity of meristematic cells and improve plant regeneration in cryopreserved kiwifruit shoot tips
Cryopreservation is a reliable and cost-effective method for the long-term preservation of clonally propagated species. The number of vegetatively propagated species conserved by cryopreservation isExpand
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Staying green postharvest: how three mutations in the Arabidopsis chlorophyll b reductase gene NYC1 delay degreening by distinct mechanisms.
Stresses such as energy deprivation, wounding and water-supply disruption often contribute to rapid deterioration of harvested tissues. To uncover the genetic regulation behind such stresses, aExpand
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Arabidopsis AGAMOUS Regulates Sepal Senescence by Driving Jasmonate Production
The signal that initiates the age-regulated senescence program in flowers is still unknown. Here we propose for the ephemeral Arabidopsis thaliana flower that it dies because of continued expressionExpand
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The Evolution of Flavonoid Biosynthesis: A Bryophyte Perspective
The flavonoid pathway is one of the best characterized specialized metabolite pathways of plants. In angiosperms, the flavonoids have varied roles in assisting with tolerance to abiotic stress andExpand
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A near complete, chromosome-scale assembly of the black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) genome
Abstract Background The fragmented nature of most draft plant genomes has hindered downstream gene discovery, trait mapping for breeding, and other functional genomics applications. There is aExpand
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Carbon Deprivation-Driven Transcriptome Reprogramming in Detached Developmentally Arresting Arabidopsis Inflorescences1[C][W][OA]
Senescence is genetically controlled and activated in mature tissues during aging. However, immature plant tissues also display senescence-like symptoms when continuously exposed to adverseExpand
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Chromosome-scale scaffolding of the black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.) genome based on chromatin interaction data
Black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis L.) is a niche fruit crop valued for its flavor and potential health benefits. The improvement of fruit and cane characteristics via molecular breedingExpand
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Two Loci, RiAF3 and RiAF4, Contribute to the Annual-Fruiting Trait in Rubus
Most Rubus species have a biennial cycle of flowering and fruiting with an intervening period of winter dormancy, in common with many perennial fruit crops. Annual-fruiting (AF) varieties ofExpand
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