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Challenges of monitoring reintroduction outcomes: Insights from the conservation breeding program of an endangered turtle in Italy
Modelling results suggest released turtles had sufficiently high survival, matching prior expectations, such that local extinction has been averted in the short-term, and the need for ongoing in-situ habitat management to ensure long-term persistence is indicated. Expand
Brookesia exarmata sp. nov. (Reptilia, Chamaeleonidae): A new dwarf chameleon from the limestone outcrops of western Madagascar
The new taxon, formally described in this paper, is a small‐sized chameleon whose total adult length ranges between 30 and 45 millimetres: this feature, together with the absence of a pelvic shield and the presence of a series of dorsolateral tubercles leads to Brookesia exarmata being ascribed to the BrookesIA minima group. Expand
Systematic revision of the enigmatic Malagasy broad-headed frogs (Laurentomantis Dubois, 1980), and their phylogenetic position within the endemic mantellid radiation of Madagascar
A phylogenetic analysis of 54 mainly osteological and morphological characters in 33 endemic Malagasy anurans resulted in a position of Laurentomantis close to species of the subgenera Spinomantis and Gephyromantis, supporting the need of generic partitioning of the latter. Expand
The peculiar herpetofauna of some Tsaratanana rainforests and its affinities with Manongarivo and other massifs and forests of northern Madagascar
Comparisons of mitochondrial DNA sequences of some selected amphibian species indicate that the populations from Tsaratanana and Manongarivo show no or only a slight differentiation between the two massifs but are often strongly different from conspecific populations, or from their closest relatives, in other regions of Madagascar. Expand
Paraleyrodes minei Iaccarino 1990 (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), new specie for Italy, on Citrus aurantium L., 1758
The nesting whitefly Paraleyrodes minei Iaccarino 1990 (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) was found on leaves of sour orange tree Citrus aurantium L., 1758, in the Gussone Park of the Faculty of Agriculture,Expand
A new species of Heterixalus (Amphibia: Hyperoliidae) from western Madagascar
A new species of hyperoliid frog, Heterixalus carbonei n.sp., is described from the Antsingy forest inwestern Madagascar. It is characterized by an advertisement call consisting of long and regularExpand