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The “Actors” of Modern Society: The Cultural Construction of Social Agency*
Much social theory takes for granted the core conceit of modern culture, that modern actors—individuals, organizations, nation states—are autochthonous and natural entities, no longer really embeddedExpand
Political Modernities: Disentangling Two Underlying Dimensions of Institutional Differentiation1
This article recommends that we recover two old contrasts from the history of social thought in order to facilitate the recently renewed discussion of multiple variants of European politicalExpand
Multiple Levels of Analysis and the Limitations of Methodological Individualisms*
This article discusses relations among the multiple levels of analysis present in macro-sociological explanation—i.e., relations of individual, structural, and institutional processes. It alsoExpand
What properties of culture should we measure
Abstract This paper argues that current challenges for the sociology of culture are more conceptual and the theoretical than methodological in nature. It discusses persistent issues in theExpand
Culture influences action not by providing the ultimate values toward which action is oriented, but by shaping a repertoire or "tool kit" of habits, skills, and styles from which people constructExpand
The Limiting Effects of Analytical Individualism: