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Adaptations to Environmental Stresses.
Environmental stresses come in many forms, yet the most prevalent stresses have in common their effect on plant water status. The availability of water for its biological roles as solvent andExpand
Growth and development of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (Aizoaceae).
This review describes the life cycle of Mesembryantheum crystallinum L. (the common ice plant, Aizoaceae, Caryophyllales), a halophyte with a developmentally programmed switch from C3 photosynthesisExpand
Coordinate transcriptional induction of myo-inositol metabolism during environmental stress.
The pathway from glucose 6-phosphate (G 6-P) to myoinositol 1-phosphate (Ins 1-P) and myo-inositol (Ins) is essential for the synthesis of various metabolites. In the halophyte MesembryanthemumExpand
Strategies for engineering water-stress tolerance in plants
Water deficit is the commonest environmental stress factor limiting plant productivity. The ability of plants to tolerate water deficit is determined by multiple biochemical pathways that facilitateExpand
Increased Resistance to Oxidative Stress in Transgenic Plants by Targeting Mannitol Biosynthesis to Chloroplasts
To investigate the potential role of a polyol, mannitol, in oxidative stress protection, a bacterial mannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase gene was targeted to chloroplasts by the addition of anExpand
Stress Protection of Transgenic Tobacco by Production of the Osmolyte Mannitol
The accumulation of sugar alcohols and other low molecular weight metabolites such as proline and glycine-betaine is a widespread response that may protect against environmental stress that occurs inExpand
Mannitol Protects against Oxidation by Hydroxyl Radicals
Hydroxyl radicals may be responsible for oxidative damage during drought or chilling stress. We have shown that the presence of mannitol in chloroplasts can protect plants against oxidative damage byExpand
Increased Salt and Drought Tolerance by D-Ononitol Production in Transgenic Nicotiana tabacum L
A cDNA encoding myo-inositol O-methyltransferase (IMT1) has been transferred into Nicotiana tabacum cultivar SR1. During drought and salt stress, transformants (I5A) accumulated the methylatedExpand
Expression of a bacterial mtlD gene in transgenic tobacco leads to production and accumulation of mannitol.
A bacterial gene encoding mannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase, mtlD, was engineered for expression in higher plants. Gene constructions were stably incorporated into tobacco plants. The mtlD gene wasExpand
Photosynthesis by isolated chloroplasts.
Photosynthesis in green plants requires not only photoelectron transport, oxygen evolution, and photophosphorylation, but also the synthetic reactions whereby carbon dioxide is assimilated andExpand