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Topic A : Innovative Process and its Modalities Paper 1 : Transformation of the Old Process : Ethylbenzene to Styrene with CO 2 dilution
The worldwide process industry, which includes chemicals, petrochemicals, and petroleum refining, is a complex and interconnected global business. It achieved tremendous growth and development in theExpand
How an American BSE Crisis Has Affected the Value of Traceability and Country of Origin Certifications in the U.S. Beef Industry
The announcement on December 23, 2003 that a dairy cow in the state of Washington was diagnosed as having BSE sent shock waves through the US beef industry. This research uses auction experiments toExpand
Hydro power from the ocean
  • R. Jensen
  • Engineering
  • OCEANS '88. 'A Partnership of Marine Interests…
  • 31 October 1988
A patented hydro-well invention is described that falls into the classification of an open-cycle ocean thermo energy conversion device. The apparatus drops warm salt water entrained with air down aExpand
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A New Power Invention
Hydropower is the most natural form of energy generated in the World. It allows us to make use of our natural resources without pollution. It harnesses the basic fundamentals of nature by daming theExpand
Optimization of Hybrid Power System Operation
In developing countries, half of the world’s population lives without electric power. Hybrid power systems, consisting of photovoltaic (PV) modules, battery banks, and backup diesel generators, haveExpand