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Ball Lightning and After-images
ARGYLE1, in writing from a distinguished observatory, suggests that observations of ball lightning are optical illusions, and also claims that he has “found it easy to simulate with light bulbs” aExpand
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Can Ball Lightning Exist in a Vacuum?
BLAIR1 has suggested that ball lightning is associated with a strong magnetic field which extends far beyond the confines of the ball.
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Spectral Variations of the Structure of the Radio Sources Cassiopeia A and Cygnus A
IN a recent article, Ryle, Elsmore and Neville1 gave a beautiful synthesis of the brightness distributions associated with the radiation at 1,400 Mc/s from the radio sources Cygnus A and CassiopeiaExpand
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Bearing of Recent Experiments on the Special and General Theories of Relativity
IN a recent communication Dr. L. Essen1 concluded that special relativity cannot be applied to a rotating system. Jennison2 and Synge3 have previously treated the problem considered by Essen and haveExpand
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Ray Paths in a Rotating System
Light paths through a rotating system were examined using a hypothetical synchrotron machine in which self-luminous particles were orbiting at velocities closely approaching the velocity of light inExpand
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Reflection from a transversely moving mirror
ALTHOUGH there have been many experiments which demonstrate the first order Doppler effect in the reflection of electromagnetic waves from a mirror with a component of radial motion, there has notExpand
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Ball Lightning
THIS communication records the observation of ball lightning in unusual circumstances. I was seated near the front of the passenger cabin of an all-metal airliner (Eastern Airlines Flight EA 539) onExpand
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Red-Shift Absorption Spectrum of the Cygnus-A Radio Source
A MEASUREMENT to check the 21-cm. hydrogen line absorption spectrum of Cygnus-A (19N4A) reported by Lilley and McClain1 is important in view of the cosmological significance of their result. TheExpand
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Improved Limit on the Absence of Dispersion of the Velocity of Light
Ball Lightning