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Boundary mixing and nutrient fluxes in Mono Lake, California
Temperature-gradient microstructure and nutrient profiling were undertaken at both an inshore and an offshore site on Mono Lake, California, to determine whether boundary mixing occurred and theExpand
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Human-caused fragmentation of habitats is threatening an increasing number of animal and plant species, making an understanding of the factors influencing patch occupancy ever more important. TheExpand
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Abundance, Distribution, and Diversity of Viruses in Alkaline, Hypersaline Mono Lake, California
Mono Lake is a large (180 km2), alkaline (pH ~10), moderately hypersaline (70–85 g kg−1) lake lying at the western edge of the Great Basin. An episode of persistent chemical stratificationExpand
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Meromixis in hypersaline Mono Lake, California. 1. Stratification and vertical mixing during the onset, persistence, and breakdown of meromixis
Changes in vertical mixing in hypersaline Mono Lake, California, are described for the onset, persistence, and breakdown of meromixis, 1982 through 1990. In 1982 and 1983 exceptionally large runoffExpand
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Oxidation of ammonia and methane in an alkaline, saline lake
The oxidation of ammonia (NH3) and methane (CH4) was investigated in an alkaline saline lake, Mono Lake, California (U.S.A.). Ammonia oxidation was examined in April and July 1995 by comparing darkExpand
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Algal photosynthetic activity and its response to meromixis in hypersaline Mono Lake, California
Photosynthetic activity was measured in hypersaline Mono Lake during an 8-yr period (1983-1990) spanning the onset (1983), persistence (1984-l 987), and breakdown of meromixis (1988). Algal biomassExpand
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The onset of meromixis during restoration of Mono Lake, California: Unintended consequences of reducing water diversions
Diversions of freshwater streams out of the Mono Lake basin since 1941 have led to a gradual decrease in size, an approximate doubling of lake-water salinity, and associated environmental impacts. ToExpand
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Organic matter accumulation in sediments of hypersaline Mono Lake during a period of changing salinity
Finely laminated sediments of Mono Lake provide a detailed paleolimnological record oforganic matter accumulation during a period of large fluctuations in salinity that resulted from climaticExpand
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Density and conductivity properties of Na-CO3-Cl-SO4 brine from Mono Lake, California, USA
Relationships among conductivity, temperature, total dissolved solids (TDS), and density were determined for hypersaline brine (TDS, 83 g kg−) from Mono Lake. A theoretical estimate of density basedExpand
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Vertical Distribution of Nitrogen-Fixing Phylotypes in a Meromictic, Hypersaline Lake
We investigated the diversity of nitrogenase genes in the alkaline, moderately hypersaline Mono Lake, California to determine (1) whether nitrogen-fixing (diazotrophic) populations were similar toExpand
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