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Spectroscopic Evidence for Pressure-Induced Coordination Changes in Silicate Glasses and Melts
Infrared spectra demonstrate that at pressures above 20 gigapascals and room temperature the regular tetrahedral coordination of oxygen around both silicon and aluminum ions is severely disrupted inExpand
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Nomenclature of hyaluronic acid.
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Undialyzable growth factors for Lactobacillus bifidus var. pennsylvanicus. Protective effect of sialic acid bound to glycoproteins and oligosaccharides against bacterial degradation.
Lactobacillus bifidus var. pennsylvanicus requires human milk constituents for growth. All growth factors so far known represent low-molecular derivatives of d-glucosamineExpand
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The Melting Curve of Iron to 250 Gigapascals: A Constraint on the Temperature at Earth's Center
The melting curve of iron, the primary constituent of Earth's core, has been measured to pressures of 250 gigapascals with a combination of static and dynamic techniques. The melting temperature ofExpand
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Memory Glass: An Amorphous Material Formed from AlPO4
A glass exhibiting structural memory has been produced through the compression of a single crystal of AlPO4 berlinite to 18 gigapascals at 300 kelvin. The unique and extraordinary characteristic ofExpand
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Vibrational spectra of Mg(OH)2 and Ca(OH)2 under pressure
The effects of compression on the structure and bonding of Mg(OH)2 brucite and Ca(OH)2 portlandite are documented to pressures of 34 and 24 GPa, respectively, by way of infrared spectroscopy of theExpand
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Isolation and partial purification of lipid-linked oligosaccharides from calf pancreas.
Lipid-linked oligosaccharides containing at least five mannose residues (0.7 nmol/g of tissue) were isolated from calf pancreas by chloroform-methanol-water extraction and purification onExpand
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Glycolipid antigen and its antibody
Abstract Antibodies against a glycolipid (globoside) having the structure of a O-(2-acetamido-2-deoxygalactosyl)-(1 → 3)-O-galactosyl-(1 → 3)-O-galactosyl-(1 → 4)-O-glucosyl-(1 → 1)-O-glucosyl- (1 →Expand
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Purification and characterization of potato lectin.
Potato lectin (Solanum tuberosum agglutinin, STA), purified by affinity chromatography on tri-N-acetylchitotriose-Sepharose 6B, has Mr approximately 100,000, as estimated by gel filtration onExpand
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