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The Gemini Deep Planet Survey
We present the results of the Gemini Deep Planet Survey, a near-infrared adaptive optics search for giant planets and brown dwarfs around 85 nearby young stars. The observations were obtained withExpand
The t tauri phase down to nearly planetary masses : Echelle spectra of 82 very low mass stars and brown dwarfs
Using the largest high-resolution spectroscopic sample to date of young, very low mass stars and brown dwarfs, we investigate disk accretion in objects ranging from just above the hydrogen-burningExpand
Timescale of mass accretion in pre-main-sequence stars
We present the initial result of a large spectroscopic survey aimed at measuring the timescale of mass accretion in young, pre-main-sequence stars in the spectral type range K0-M5. Using multi-objectExpand
Spectroscopy of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in IC 2391: Lithium Depletion and Hα Emission
We have obtained intermediate-resolution optical spectroscopy of 44 candidate very low mass members of the nearby young open cluster IC 2391. Of these, 26 spectra are totally new, 14 had beenExpand
The Planetary Mass Companion 2MASS 1207–3932B: Temperature, Mass, and Evidence for an Edge-on Disk
We present J-band imaging and H+K-band low-resolution spectroscopy of 2MASS 1207-3932AB, obtained with VLT NACO. For the putative planetary mass secondary, we find J = 20.0 ? 0.2 mag. The HK spectraExpand
Exploring brown dwarf disks : A 1.3 mm survey in taurus
We have carried out sensitive 1.3 mm observations of 20 young brown dwarfs in the Taurus star-forming region, representing the largest sample of young substellar objects targeted in a deepExpand
We use the Wide-field Infrared Camera (WIRCam) on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope to observe four transits of the super-Earth planet GJ 1214b in the near-infrared. For each transit, we observe GJExpand
Changing Phases of Alien Worlds: Probing Atmospheres of Kepler Planets with High-Precision Photometry
We present a comprehensive analysis of planetary phase variations, including possible planetary light offsets, using eighteen quarters of data from the Kepler space telescope. After correcting forExpand
Large-amplitude Variations of an L/T Transition Brown Dwarf: Multi-wavelength Observations of Patchy, High-contrast Cloud Features
We present multiple-epoch photometric monitoring in the J, H, and Ks bands of the T1.5 dwarf 2MASS J21392676+0220226 (2M2139), revealing persistent, periodic (P = 7.721 ± 0.005 hr) variability with aExpand
The sub-energetic γ-ray burst GRB 031203 as a cosmic analogue to the nearby GRB 980425
Over the six years since the discovery of the γ-ray burst GRB 980425, which was associated with the nearby (distance ∼40 Mpc) supernova 1998bw, astronomers have debated fiercely the nature of thisExpand