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Graphene decorated with MoS2 nanosheets: a synergetic energy storage composite electrode for supercapacitor applications.
The two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenide nanosheet-carbon composite is an attractive material for energy storage because of its high Faradaic activity, unique nanoconstruction andExpand
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Synthesis and characterization of LaFeO3/TiO2 nanocomposites for visible light photocatalytic activity
Abstract LaFeO 3 /TiO 2 nanocomposites were successfully synthesized by hydrothermal method. The as-prepared nanoparticles were characterized by TGA, XRD, HRSEM, EDS, TEM, VSM and UV–Vis techniques.Expand
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Shape controlled synthesis of rod-like Co3O4 nanostructures as high-performance electrodes for supercapacitor applications
Hydrothermal synthesis of Co3O4 nanorod electro-active material has been reported. The obtained Co3O4 material displays the cubic structure with 1D rod-like architecture. FT-IR and Raman spectralExpand
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Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance of the Graphene-V2O5 Nanocomposite in the Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye under Direct Sunlight.
A simple and efficient solution mixing method has been developed for the synthesis of the G-V2O5 nanocomposite. By this method, one-dimensional V2O5 rods are decorated onto the two-dimensionalExpand
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Effect of cobalt doping on the structural and optical properties of TiO2 films prepared by sol–gel process
Abstract Pure and cobalt doped titanium dioxide thin films have been prepared on glass and Si (100) substrates by sol–gel spin coating method. The structural and optical properties of the films as aExpand
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Characterization of cadmium doped zinc oxide (Cd : ZnO) thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Thin films of cadmium doped zinc oxide (Cd : ZnO) with different cadmium concentrations have been prepared by the spray pyrolysis method on different substrates at 400 °C. The physical properties ofExpand
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Structural and optical properties of thin zirconium oxide films prepared by reactive direct current magnetron sputtering
Thin films of zirconium oxide have been deposited onto glass and Si(100) substrates at room temperature by reactive dc magnetron sputtering of a metallic Zr target in an argon–oxygen atmosphere. TheExpand
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Growth and characterisation of phosphate mixed ZTS single crystals
Abstract The growth of zinc tris (thiourea) sulfo-phosphate, ZTSP, single crystals from aqueous solution by a low temperature solution growth technique is reported. ZTSP crystals were grown byExpand
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Growth and characterization of L-arginine acetate single crystals: a new NLO material
Single crystal growth of nonlinear optical L-arginine acetate is reported. Low temperature solution growth was employed for the growth of bulk single crystals. The cell parameters were determined byExpand
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Luminescence and electrochemical properties of rare earth (Gd, Nd) doped V2O5 nanostructures synthesized by a non-aqueous sol–gel route
Vanadium pentoxide nanostructures have been obtained from an alkoxide sol–gel, prepared by a simple and inexpensive facile non-aqueous method. The progressive addition of rare earth (RE) ions (Gd3+,Expand
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