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Seasonal variations in salinity, dissolvedoxygen and nutrient salts in the inshorewaters of the Gulf of Mannar and PalkBay near Mandapam (S. India)
A preliminary account of the chemical conditions of the inshore waters of the Bay of Bengal off Madras City has been given in an eariier paper by the author (1951). More detailed investigations inExpand
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Biological and oceanographic differences between the arabian sea and the bay of bengal as observed from the Indian region
The paper presents some of the important differences in the oceanographical and biological conditions in the waters of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal along the Indian coasts. In discussing theExpand
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Salinity and temperature variations in the surface waters of the Arabian sea off the Bombay and saurashtra coasts
5. SummaryThe distribution of surface temperature and salinity in the waters of the Arabian Sea along the Bombay and Saurashtra coasts is presented and discussed.The two factors show seasonal trendsExpand
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Geometric Tolerancing: II. Conditional Tolerances
We study the reasons for converting VBRs to another form of tolerances designated as conditional tolerances (CTs) and derive CTs for some common and practical V BRs. Expand
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Hydrography of the Laccadives offshore waters
The importance of the waters around the Laccadives ' with their special ecological conditions and their influence on the adjacent coastal waters of the mainland of India' has been indicated in anExpand
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Dynamics of an Unsteady Turbulent Boundary Layer
The response of a well-defined, steady, flatplate turbulent boundary layer subjected subsequently to two types of oscillations of the freestream velocity in the test section is studied in thisExpand
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Transient response of a turbulent boundary layer
A unique feature of the present ensemble-averaged measurements of a turbulent boundary layer's transient response to a spontaneous change in the free stream velocity distribution, is that the testExpand
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