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Diagnostic criteria
DSM-IV Criteria for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) • Depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities for more than two weeks. • Mood represents a change from the person'sExpand
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The overnight urinary albumin excretion rate (AER) of 87 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus was measured in 1966-67, 14 years later information was obtained on 63 of the originalExpand
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High Blood Glucose Concentration Is a Risk Factor for Mortality in Middle-Aged Nondiabetic Men: 20-year follow-up in the Whitehall Study, the Paris Prospective Study, and the Helsinki Policemen Study
OBJECTIVE To assess the association between high but nondiabetic blood glucose levels and the risk of death from all causes, coronary heart disease (CHD), cardiovascular disease, and neoplasms.Expand
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In the Whitehall Study of 18,403 male civil servants aged 40--64 years, 7 1/2 year coronary-heart-disease (CHD) mortality has been examined in relation to blood-sugar concentration 2 h after a 50 gExpand
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Mortality from coronary heart disease and stroke in relation to degree of glycaemia: the Whitehall study.
In the Whitehall study of 18 403 male civil servants aged 40-64 years the 10 year mortality rates from coronary heart disease and stroke showed a non-linear relation to two hour blood glucose values,Expand
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The Role of Circulating Glucose and Triglyceride Concentrations and Their Interactions with Other “Risk Factors” as Determinants of Arterial Disease in Nine Diabetic Population Samples from the WHO
In 9 of the 14 national samples of diabetic patients assembled for the WHO Multinational Study of Vascular Disease in Diabetes additional laboratory data made it possible to relate manifestations ofExpand
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The Bedford Survey: Ten year mortality rates in newly diagnosed diabetics, borderline diabetics and normoglycaemic controls and risk indices for coronary heart disease in borderline diabetics
SummaryMortality rates from coronary heart disease and from all causes have been ascertained over ten years in three groups of people participating in the Bedford Survey — newly-diagnosed diabetics,Expand
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Cardiorespiratory disease and diabetes among middle-aged male Civil Servants. A study of screening and intervention.
Abstract The methods and preliminary results are reported of a screening survey for cardiorespiratory disease and diabetes among 18,403 male Civil Servants aged 40-64 years, representing a 77%Expand
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Microalbuminuria Predicts Mortality in Noninsulin‐dependent Diabetes
Forty‐four non‐insulin‐dependent diabetics (NIDD), all with urine negative to Albustix, were studied in 1966/67. By the end of 1980, 17 had died, all but two from cardiovascular causes. All causes ofExpand
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Prognostic significance of microalbuminuria in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a twenty-three year follow-up study.
A cohort of 63 Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic patients were first characterized for overnight urinary albumin excretion rate (AER) in 1967. In 1981, seven out of eight (87%) patients with initialExpand
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