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Transient ischemic attacks due to atherosclerosis. A prospective study of 160 patients.
For patients with multiple lesions, surgical reconstruction of the carotid arteries was associated with very high surgical risk, and anticoagulant therapy reduced the frequency of TIAs, but did not appear to protect patients from stroke. Expand
Progressive myoclonus epilepsy with Lafora inclusion bodies. II. Studies of ultrastructure.
The ultrastructure of the inclusion bodies found in cerebral cortical biopsy specimens from two patients with Lafora's disease are described, and the ultrast structure of liver and gastrocnemius muscle are briefly described. Expand
Health system reform: whither the academic medical center?
  • R. Janeway
  • Medicine
  • Southern medical journal
  • 1 June 1995
Value of the routine use of the cerebral dynamic radioisotope study.
The routine addition of the dynamic study to the static image increased the detection of lesions by 33% and specific combinations of dynamic study and static image findings increased the certainty of diagnosis. Expand
Visualization of the choroid plexus on the technetium 99m brain scan. Clinical significance and blocking by potassium perchlorate.
The short half-life of the 99m Tc makes possible the administration of large millicurie doses of the radionuclide but, at the same time, causes only minimal radiation dose to the patient. Expand
Progressive myoclonus epilepsy with Lafora inclusion bodies. I. Clinical, genetic, histopathologic, and biochemical aspects.
Two patients with Lafora's disease recently have been studied in an attempt more clearly to define the clinical, genetic, and biochemical aspects of this disease. Expand
Transient ischemic attacks
Great emphasis must be placed upon TIAs as a warning for cardiac as well as cerebrovascular disease, as the majority eventually succumbed to myocardial infarction. Expand
Hemodynamics of the Upper Extremities in Subclavian Steal Syndrome
The pulse delay and the disappearance of pulse in the radial artery during exercise previously described clinically has been confirmed by measurement. Expand