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Allometry and resolution of bee eyes (Apoidea).
A sample of compound eyes from 15 species of female pollen foraging bees (apiform Apoidea) was morphometrically analyzed. These species were chosen for size differences, different socialExpand
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Ecological aspects of spatial orientation
Despite the immense body of literature concerning animal orientation, little previ­ ous effort has been made to prepare a comprehensive discussion and unified theory of orientation ecology, theExpand
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Die optische Richtungsorientierung der Roten Waldameise (Formica Ruea L.)
  • R. Jander
  • Art
  • Zeitschrift für vergleichende Physiologie
  • 1 March 1957
ZusammenfassungAlle folgenden Angaben beziehen sich auf Formica rufa L., die Rote Waldameise, und sind nur unter Vorbehalt auf andere Insektenarten übertragbar.Die Ameisen benützen zur optischenExpand
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Grooming and pollen manipulation in bees (Apoidea): the nature and evolution of movements involving the foreleg
Three modes of self cleaning occur in insects: nibbling by the maxillae, scraping one structure by another in one direction only, and rubbing back and forth while the respective parts are inExpand
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Pollen manipulation and related activities and structures in bees of the family Apidae
J:S:TROD UCTIO:S: :\LH ERI:\LS ;\{ETHODS CONTENTS TRA:S:SP ORT OF NEsTI'.\'. G .\IATERI :\LS MA,IPCLATIO:'\ OF ScE:'\Ts B Y :\hLE Ec GLoss1,1 APID PoLLE'.\'. J-. L,sIPULATIO'.\'. .............. . TheExpand
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Leg coordination and swimming in an ant, Camponotus americanus
ABSTRACT. Leg movements of Camponotus americanus workers during straight swimming and turning are described herein. Thrust is generated through the different speeds and drag control between power v.Expand
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Rotational locomotion by the cockroach Blattella germanica
Abstract Locomotion on complex substrata can be expressed in a plane by two geometric components of body movement: linear locomotion and rotational locomotion. This study examined pure rotation byExpand
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Immunomicroscopical study of type VI collagen in the trabecular meshwork of normal and glaucomatous eyes.
Cross-strained fiber bundles called long-spacing collagen or curly collagen occur in normal eyes in the trabecular meshwork. It can be seen in the basement membrane of the trabecular lamellae, in theExpand
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Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus L.) use a magnetic compass for navigation.
Fall migratory monarch butterflies, tested for their directional responses to magnetic cues under three conditions, amagnetic, normal, and reversed magnetic fields, showed three distinct patterns. InExpand
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Grundleistungen der Licht- und Schwereorientierung von Insekten
  • R. Jander
  • Physics
  • Zeitschrift für vergleichende Physiologie
  • 1 July 1963
Zusammenfassung1.Bei der Grundorientierung der Insekten lassen sieh bis jetzt vier verschiedene Gruppen von Schaltvorgängen scharf gegeneinander abgrenzen: Beim An- und Abschalten wechselt das InsektExpand
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