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Finiteness of Criss-Cross Method in Complementarity Problem
The criss-cross method is able to compute solution of a linear complementarity problem in finite steps in case of some new matrix classes and a numerical illustration is presented to show a comparison between criss -cross method and Lemke's algorithm with respect to number of iterations before finding a solution.
On Generalized Positive Subdefinite Matrices and Interior Point Algorithm
This paper proposes an iterative and descent type interior point method to compute solution of linear complementarity problem LCP(q, A) given that A is real square matrix and q is a real vector and shows that the proposed algorithm converges to the solution of LCP(_, A), where A belongs to GPSBD class.
Some results on the generalized Mittag-Leffler function operator
This paper is devoted to the study of a generalized Mittag-Leffler function operator introduced by Shukla and Prajapati (J. Math. Anal. Appl. 336:797-811, 2007). Laplace and Mellin transforms of this
On hidden Z-matrix and interior point algorithm
The proposed algorithm can process LCP (q, A) in polynomial time under some assumptions and is observed to be able to process the solution aspects of linear complementarity problem with hidden Z-matrix.
More on hidden Z-matrices and linear complementarity problem
It is shown that for a non-degenerate feasible basis, linear complementarity problem with hidden Z-matrix has unique non- Degenerate solution under some assumptions.
On Processability of Lemke ’ s Algorithm
The processability of Lemke’s algorithm with respect to some selective matrix classes is discussed about in this article.
Some aspects on solving transportation problem
In this paper, we consider a class of transportation problems which arises in sample surveys and other areas of statistics. The associated cost matrices of these transportation problems are of
On semimonotone star matrices and linear complementarity problem
In this article, we introduce the class of semimonotone star ($E_0^s$) matrices. We establish the importance of the class of $E_0^s$-matrices in the context of complementarity theory. We show that
On Column Competent Matrices and Linear Complementarity Problem
Abstract We revisit the class of column competent matrices and study some matrix theoretic properties of this class. The local w-uniqueness of the solutions to the linear complementarity problem can
O C ] 3 0 M ay 2 01 9 More On Hidden Z-Matrices and Linear Complementarity Problem
In this article we study linear complementarity problem with hidden Z-matrix. We extend the results of Fiedler and Pták for the linear system in complementarity problem using game theoretic approach.