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Linguistics and poetics
I have been asked for summary remarks about poetics in its relation to linguistics. Poetics deals primarily with the question, What makes a verbal message a work of art? Because the main subject ofExpand
Child Language, Aphasia and Phonological Universals
Find loads of the child language aphasia and phonological universals book catalogues in this site as the choice of you visiting this page. You can also join to the website book library that will showExpand
On Language
Preliminaries to Speech Analysis: The Distinctive Features and Their Correlates
This work attempts to describes the ultimate discrete components of language, their specific structure, and their articulatory, acoustic, and perceptual correlates, and surveys their utilization inExpand
Fundamentals of Language
This volume consists of two studies. The first is a joint essay presenting a critical survey of the author's views on phonology, a theory of sound patterns, and their stratification. The second is anExpand
Two Aspects of Language and Two Types of Aphasic Disturbances
If aphasia is a language disturbance, as the term itself suggests, then any description and classification of aphasic syndromes must be­ gin with the question of what aspects of language are impairedExpand
Language in Literature