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Ages and stages questionnaire as a screening tool for developmental delay in Indian children
ASQ has strong test characteristics for detecting developmental delay in Indian children, especially in high risk cases, and may be easily converted into other Indian languages and used widely for developmental screening. Expand
Iron deficiency in Indian children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
A case control study was conducted at the Child Development and Early Intervention Clinic to determine the body iron status of children with ADHD, and study the correlation between the body ironExpand
Evaluation of a parent-based behavioral intervention program for children with autism in a low-resource setting
Parents-based behavioral intervention programs have a promising role in management of children with autism in resource-constraint settings and there is an urgent need for development of low-cost interventions. Expand
Children With Developmental Disabilities in India
Routine screening for developmental problems (including autism) and improving the awareness of these conditions among physicians and society would lead to early referral. Expand
Effect of iron supplementation in children with breath holding spells
The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of iron supplementation in children with breath holding spells, irrespective of their iron status and study the factors associated with the response.
A study of prevalence of intestinal worm infestation and efficacy of anthelminthic drugs.
High prevalence of intestinal helminths in the subject population is revealed and calls for immediate control measures, including preventive chemotherapy and treatment of entire 'at risk' population and improvement of their living conditions including provision of potable water. Expand
Health-related quality of life in children with cerebral palsy and their families
Health-related quality of child is affected in most children with cerebral palsy, with the physical independence, mobility and social integration dimensions much more severely affected than the clinical burden, economic burden and schooling dimensions. Expand
Perturbing Status of Vitamin B12 in Indian Infants and Their Mothers
There is an urgent need to supplement the population with vitamin B12, and the best time to do this would be antenatal, because of a positive correlation between the B12 levels of the infants and their mothers. Expand
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis--another cause of post malaria cerebellar ataxia.
A case of delayed onset cerebellar ataxia following acute falciparum malaria is reported, where magnetic resonance imaging revealed demyelinating lesions in the pons and Cerebellar peduncles which disappeared after resolution of symptoms. Expand
The Role of 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Deficiency in Iron Deficient Children of North India
Doctors should assess vitamin D levels in all anaemic children and ensure adequate supplementation to prevent deficiencies, and the association of breast feeding and development of VDD was significant. Expand