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Physics of Electric Propulsion
Book on physics of electric propulsion covering gas acceleration principles, flow heating and space thrustor design
Plasma Heavily ionized state of matter, usually gaseous, composed of ions, electrons, and neutral atoms or molecules, that has sufficient electrical conductivity to carry substantial current and to react to electric and magnetic body forces. Expand
Margins of Reality: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World
BEN KESSLER In the midst of ecological catastrophe, indigenous persecution, and the attempted mechanization of the living world, the beauty of the earth remains defiantly vibrant. The voice of theExpand
Correlations of random binary sequences with pre-stated operator intention: a review of a 12-year program.
Strong correlations between output distribution means of a variety of random binary processes and pre-stated intentions of some 100 individual human operators have been established over a 12-year experimental program, showing significant disparities between female and male operator performances, and consistent serial position effects in individual and collective results. Expand
Measured performance of a multimegawatt MPD thruster
Thrust and efficiency of a quasisteady multimegawatt MPD thruster are determined by measuring the impulse bit per pulse on a swinging gate thrust stand in a dielectric vacuum tank at a backgroundExpand
Ion density and current distributions in a propagating current sheet, determined by microwave reflection technique.
Electron and ion density distributions and the problem of electron/ion current partitioning are studied in a large radius Z -pinch in argon. Radial scans of the electron density and temperatureExpand
The application of the triple probe method to MPD thruster plumes
The triple probe method is an attractive technique for measuring axial and radial profiles of electron temperature T(e) and electron number density n(e) in magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thruster plumes.Expand
The refraction of shock waves at a gaseous interface
  • R. Jahn
  • Physics, Materials Science
  • 1 November 1956
The persistent paradox of psychic phenomena: An engineering perspective
  • R. Jahn
  • Psychology
  • Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 1 February 1982
Although a variety of so-called psychic phenomena have attracted man's attention throughout recorded history, organized scholarly effort to comprehend such effects is just one century old, andExpand