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Lecture Notes on Physics
THE author says in his preface that the book “may be supposed to represent the notes, somewhat expanded, which the teacher would desire the class to take down and learn.” If so, the “notes”before us
A New Extended Model of Hadrons
We propose that a strongly interacting particle is a finite region of space to which fields are confined. The confinement is accomplished in a Lorentz-invariant way by endowing the finite region with
Pathways for solar photovoltaics
Solar energy is one of the few renewable, low-carbon resources with both the scalability and the technological maturity to meet ever-growing global demand for electricity. Among solar power
Masses and Other Parameters of the Light Hadrons
The masses and static parameters of the light hadrons (the pseudoscalar and vector meson nonets and the baryon octet and decuplet) are calculated using the bag model. The effects of quark kinetic
Scattering theory approach to electrodynamic Casimir forces
We give a comprehensive presentation of methods for calculating the Casimir force to arbitrary accuracy, for any number of objects, arbitrary shapes, susceptibility functions, and separations. The
Casimir effect and the quantum vacuum
In discussions of the cosmological constant, the Casimir effect is often invoked as decisive evidence that the zero-point energies of quantum fields are ''real.'' On the contrary, Casimir effects can
Diquarks and exotic spectroscopy.
It is proposed that the recently discovered Theta(+) baryon is a bound state of four quarks and an antiquark, containing two highly correlated ud pairs, and it lies in an near-ideally mixed SU(3)(f) 10;(f) plus sign in circle 8(f).
Casimir Interaction between a plate and a cylinder.
We find the exact Casimir force between a plate and a cylinder, a geometry intermediate between parallel plates, where the force is known exactly, and the plate sphere, where it is known at large