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A Generative Theory of Tonal Music
This book explores the relationships between language, music, and the brain by pursuing four key themes and the crosstalk among them: song and dance as a bridge between music and language; multipleExpand
Semantic Interpretation in Generative Grammar
An interpretive theory of generative-transformational grammar in which syntactic structures are given interpretations by an autonomous syntactic component. Expand
Foundations of Language: Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution
Foundations of Language shows one of the most fundamental new thinkings in linguistics since Noam Chomskyis Aspects of the Theory of Syntax in 1965. Foundations of Language opens up vivid newExpand
The Architecture of the Language Faculty
Questions, goals, assumptions - universal grammar, necessities and assumptions, syntactocentrism and perfection interfaces, representational modularity - the 'articulatory-perceptual' interfaces, the phonology-syntax interface, the 'conceptual-intentional' interface, embedding mismatches between syntactic structure and conceptual structure, the tripartite parallel architecture, representional modularity more on syntax-semantics interface. Expand
Semantics and Cognition.
“What” and “where” in spatial language and spatial cognition
Fundamental to spatial knowledge in all species are the representations underlying object recognition, object search, and navigation through space. But what sets humans apart from other species isExpand
Semantics and Cognition
This book emphasizes the role of semantics as a bridge between the theory of language and the theories of other cognitive capacities such as visual perception and motor control. Expand
Consciousness and the Computational Mind
In Consciousness and the Computational Mind, Ray Jackendoff probes one of the fundamental issues in cognitive psychology: How does our conscious experience come to be the way it is? In so doing, heExpand
Parts and boundaries
Within the framework of Conceptual Semantics, a family of conceptual features and functions is developed that accounts for phenomena in the semantics of noun phrases such as the mass-countExpand
The proper treatment of measuring out, telicity, and perhaps even quantification in english
The notions of ‘measuring out’ (Tenny 1987, 1992) and ‘incremental theme’ (Dowty 1991) have been widely invoked as aspectual criteria involved in verbal argument selection. However, the full range ofExpand