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Quantum field theory on noncommutative spaces
Abstract A pedagogical and self-contained introduction to noncommutative quantum field theory is presented, with emphasis on those properties that are intimately tied to string theory and gravity.
Symmetry, gravity and noncommutativity
We review some aspects of the implementation of spacetime symmetries in noncommutative field theories, emphasizing their origin in string theory and how they may be used to construct theories of
Membrane sigma-models and quantization of non-geometric flux backgrounds
A bstractWe develop quantization techniques for describing the nonassociative geometry probed by closed strings in flat non-geometric R-flux backgrounds M . Starting from a suitable Courant
Duality in scalar field theory on noncommutative phase spaces
Abstract We describe a novel duality symmetry of Φ 2 n 4 -theory defined on noncommutative Euclidean space and with noncommuting momentum coordinates. This duality acts on the fields by Fourier
Exact Solution of Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Phase Spaces
We present the exact solution of a scalar field theory defined with noncommuting position and momentum variables. The model describes charged particles in a uniform magnetic field and with an inter
An introduction to string theory and D-brane dynamics
Historical Overview of String Theory Classical String Theory Quantization of the Bosonic String Superstrings Ramond-Ramond Charges and T-Duality D-Branes and Gauge Theory D-Brane Dynamics
Constructing D-branes from K theory
A detailed review of recent developments in the topological classification of D-branes in superstring theory is presented. Beginning with a thorough, self-contained introduction to the techniques and
Topological gravity and transgression holography
We show that Poincare-invariant topological gravity in even dimensions can be formulated as a transgression field theory in one higher dimension whose gauge connections are associated to linear and
Lattice gauge fields and discrete noncommutative Yang-Mills theory
We present a lattice formulation of non-commutative Yang-Mills theory in arbitrary even dimensionality. The UV/IR mixing characteristic of non-commutative field theories is demonstrated at a
Quantized Nambu–Poisson manifolds and n-Lie algebras
We investigate the geometric interpretation of quantized Nambu–Poisson structures in terms of noncommutative geometries. We describe an extension of the usual axioms of quantization in which