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Governance and the loss of biodiversity
It is shown that governance scores were correlated withChanges in total forest cover, but not with changes in natural forest cover and the universal applicability of an influential approach to conservation that seeks to ban international trade in endangered species is questioned. Expand
Diffuse lamellar keratitis. A new syndrome in lamellar refractive surgery.
A distinct syndrome of unknown cause of noninfectious diffuse infiltrates in the lamellar interface that follows laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) and related lamellary corneal surgery is described. Expand
Parental attitudes toward genetic testing for pediatric deafness.
It was concluded that this population is interested in the use of genetic testing and that testing should not be done without first providing formal genetic counseling, and that Appropriate counseling can help parents to understand the risks, benefits, and limitations of geneticTesting. Expand
Nonsyndromic hearing impairment: unparalleled heterogeneity.
The prediction of surgically induced refractive change from corneal topography.
An improved method of calculating corneal refractive power may facilitate subjective refraction after refractive surgery, improve the accuracy of intraocular lens power calculation for eyes that have had previous refractive Surgery, and improve ablation profiles for excimer laserRefractive surgery. Expand
Differentiation within the gonads of Drosophila revealed by immunofluorescence.
The immunofluorescence-binding pattern of the antibody to the gonads is described, which shows strong binding to the cells of the follicular epithelium, although this binding is reduced in the latter stages of follicle development. Expand
Pattern formation in the blue-green alga, Anabaena. I. Basic mechanisms.
An interactive model for pattern formation in Anabaena is proposed, where a pattern consisting of groups of consecutive proheterocysts is seen which resolves into a normal discrete pattern. Expand
A position-specific cell surface antigen in the drosophila wing imaginal disc
The antibody produced by the hybrid cell line DK. 1A4 recognizes an antigen present initially on all the epithelial cells of the D. melanogaster wing imaginal disc. This antigen becomes progressivelyExpand
A monoclonal antibody specific for diploid epithelial cells in Drosophila
Results indicating that one of the clones, DA.1B6, makes an antibody against an antigen which, in larvae, is generally restricted to the undifferentiated sheets of imaginal epithelial cells indicate that the antigen is specific for the diploid epithelia in Drosophila. Expand
Field sports and conservation in the United Kingdom
Results from a multidisciplinary study found that landowners participating in field sports maintained the most established woodland and planted more new woodland and hedgerows than those who did not, despite the equal availability of subsidies. Expand