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Protein measurement with the Folin phenol reagent.
Procedures are described for measuring protein in solution or after precipitation with acids or other agents, and for the determination of as little as 0.2 gamma of protein. Expand
Protein Measurement with the Folin
Since 1922 when Wu proposed the use of the Folin phenol reagent for the measurement of proteins (l), a number of modified analytical procedures ut.ilizing this reagent have been reported for theExpand
Adverse drug reaction program using pharmacist and nurse monitors.
This voluntary ADR reporting system did increase ADR documentation in the study institution and may be adopted by P & T Committees in other hospitals. Expand
Notation of Allergies and Body Weight on Patient Profiles
Imprinting “allergy/weight” with space for filling in this information can result in an increased number of pharmacy patient profiles having these data so that medications can be checked prior to dispensing the first dosages of medication. Expand
Xiphinema americanum as Affected by Soil Organic Matter and Porosity 1
The effects of four soil types, soil porosity, particle size, and organic matter were tested on survival and migration of Xiphinema americanum. Survival and migration were significantly greater inExpand