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The sorption of thorium (IV) and uranium (VI) to hematite in the presence of natural organic matter
Abstract In most aquatic systems, natural organic acids constitute an important pool of trace-metal binding ligands. The effect of natural organic matter (NOM) on metal ion sorption to mineralExpand
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Kite Aerial Photography for Low-Cost, Ultra-high Spatial Resolution Multi-Spectral Mapping of Intertidal Landscapes
Intertidal ecosystems have primarily been studied using field-based sampling; remote sensing offers the ability to collect data over large areas in a snapshot of time that could complementExpand
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The effect of the ionic liquid anion in the pretreatment of pine wood chips
The effect of the anion of ionic liquids on air-dried pine (Pinus radiata) has been investigated. All ionic liquids used in this study contained the 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium cation; the anionsExpand
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Evaluating Classification Techniques for Mapping Vertical Geology Using Field-Based Hyperspectral Sensors
Hyperspectral data acquired from field-based platforms present new challenges for their analysis, particularly for complex vertical surfaces exposed to large changes in the geometry and intensity ofExpand
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A Novel Spectral Unmixing Method Incorporating Spectral Variability Within Endmember Classes
Some spectral unmixing methods incorporate endmember variability within endmember classes. It is, however, uncertain whether these methods work well when endmember spectra do not completely describeExpand
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Field-based remote-sensing for experimental intertidal ecology: Case studies using hyperspatial and hyperspectral data for New South Wales (Australia)
Abstract Many ecological processes in intertidal areas act at very small (mm to cm) spatial scales so manipulative ecological experiments are done at scales at which these processes are proposed toExpand
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Patiriella exigua: grazing by a starfish in an overgrazed intertidal system
Intertidal rocky shores in south-eastern Australia are dominated by a diverse assem- blage of grazing invertebrates that feed on micro-algal biofilms. This resource is spatially variable andExpand
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Mapping the distribution of ferric iron minerals on a vertical mine face using derivative analysis of hyperspectral imagery (430-970 nm)
Hyperspectral imagery is used to map the distribution of iron and separate iron ore from shale (a waste product) on a vertical mine face in an open-pit mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia.Expand
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Life cycle assessment of two alternative bioenergy systems involving Salix spp. biomass: Bioethanol production and power generation
Two energy production systems using short rotation coppice (SRC) willow chips were evaluated: bioethanol production via enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis and electricity production following a biomassExpand
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Quantitative imaging to measure photosynthetic biomass on an intertidal rock-platform
Conventional methods for measuring amounts of epilithic photosynthetic biomass in intertidal habitats by estimating amounts of chlorophyll in rock samples are imprecise, laborious and destructive. AnExpand
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