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Las orquídeas de los cafetales en México: una opción para el uso sostenible de ecosistemas tropicales
Life form, endemism, conservation status, and horticultural interest are detailed for orchid species associated to shade coffee-plantations in Mexico. About 11% of the orchid taxa (214 species) foundExpand
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Two new records and one rediscovery for Orchidaceae of Mexico
Two orchid species, both previously known from Central America, are reported for the Mexican flora: Oncidium poikilostalix and Telipogon helleri . The former species was previsouly known under theExpand
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Dos especies nuevas de orquídeas del estado de Morelos, México
Two new species from the state of Morelos, Mexico, are described and illustrated, Malaxis ribana Espejo & Lopez-Ferrari and Habenaria uncata R. Jimenez, L. Sanchez & Garcia-Cruz. Both species wereExpand
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Redescubrimiento de Gongora seideliana Rchb.f. (Orchidaceae), una orquídea rara, en Chiapas, México
Into a serie of field trips, we collected and processed a plant of Gongora Ruiz y Pavón, concluding that this is a new record of Gongora seideliana Rchb.f. for the state of Chiapas and Mexico, laterExpand
El complejo oncidium maculatum
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