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A Josephson array voltage standard at 10 V
The technology of Josephson voltage standards has been extended to an array of 14 184 junctions which is capable of generating over 150 000 quantized voltage levels spanning the range from -12 to +12Expand
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Picosecond applications of Josephson junctions
The behavior of simple superconducting circuits in the picosecond regime is described in a comprehensive way, with primary emphasis being given to the step function and pulse responses of theseExpand
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MP-A9 a high-speed superconducting A/D converter
device has been shown to have high charge e f f i~ i ency .~ This device differs from a conventional buried-channel CCD in yet another significant aspect. Instead of the p-substrate, n-active layerExpand
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Electronically adjustable delay for Josephson technology
An electronically adjustable time delay circuit for superconducting technology is reported. In conjunction with a superconducting sampler on the same chip, the delay circuit has allowed measurementExpand
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Structural analysis of 177-FA redesigned surveillance specimen holder tube
Because of in-service operational problems, the surveillance specimen holder tubes described in B and W topical report BAW-10051 have been redesigned. This report describes the new design andExpand