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Nanning and Guangxi: China's gateway to the south-west
Extract: Nanning is a surprise. An ancient city in China's remote southwest, Nanning turns out to be a vibrant mix of traditional and modern in a region which is now poising itself to become theExpand
ASEAN Concord II: Policy Prospects for Participant Regional "Development"
With the ASEAN Concord II in late 2003, Southeast Asia charted an ambitious path towards creating a Community founded on economic, security and socio-cultural "pillars". But the ASEAN agenda remainsExpand
Great traditions and grand narratives
Post-modernism and recent critical theory has sought to deconstruct the role of particular ‘Great Traditions’ and ‘Grand Narratives’ as privileged accounts of world affairs, contemporary andExpand
The dangers of dramatic biography: a review of, Harrison E. Salisbury The New Emperors Mao and Deng: A Dual Biography
Extract: The book is notable for its wealth of research and intimate detail, and the ease with which Salisbury navigates the complex seas of traditional Chinese culture and the labyrinthine detailsExpand
Positive-sum games in the Asia-Pacific region
Extract: Massive changes are occurring politically, economically and socially in the Asia-Pacific region. With the virtual end of Cold War legacies, two of the most intensely militarised andExpand
The ancient Egyptian concept of Maat: Reflections on social justice and natural order
The ancient Egyptian conception of Maat includes connotations of ‘order’, ‘harmony’, ‘rightness’ and true witness. It is used in a wide range of religious, ethical and cosmological contexts. Maat asExpand
China's Quest for Global Order: From Peaceful Rise to Harmonious World
Preface Acknowledgments 1.Introduction: China's "Peaceful Rise to Harmonious World" Outlook 2."Harmony" and Humane Governance in Classical Chinese Thought 3.Empire and Frontiers: The Limits ofExpand
Propaganda as 'Knowledge' production: Alexander the Great, piety, portents and persuasion
Propaganda deployed as ‘information warfare’ is an increasingly common trend in 21st century conflicts. However, the sophisticated manipulation of images, records, and ritual are well-attested in theExpand
China’s Eurasian footprint